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How to Choose a Contractor for Your Next Building Project

When it comes to choosing the right contractor for your project you need to find a company with the right values. No matter how big or small the project is, choosing the right contractor is essential.

You need the contractor with the right skills and resources, of course, but you also need a company that delivers on their promises. A company that is invested in more than just doing the job as quickly as possible and moving on.

A company with staff who have similar values to you and who will be as passionate about delivering the best possible work as you would be. But how do you know this when interviewing contractors – they all put on a good show to get the job?

In this post, we will look at how you can choose the right contractor for your next building project.


What is the first thing that you look for in a company? A huge staff and fleet of vehicles? Even with all the right tools, the job is not going to get done properly unless the contractor has the right attitude.

Look for a company who has a sterling reputation. Check online to see if how many, if any complaints have been logged against them. Look at how many complaints there are in relation to the number of compliments.

What are people complaining about? Is it something that the contractor could have controlled? Sometimes people can be really petty, but too many complaints make the contractor a bad bet.


A company that is proud of its work will be happy to provide references for you. Check their website for references or even ask them for other references that you can contact.

Ask them for examples that would be similar to yours.

How Realistic Are They?

Are they coming in with the best deal, the best time frame, etc? Does it seem a little too good to be true? It may be. Ask them what problems they feel might be encountered and how they would handle these.

A seasoned contractor understands that things are not always going to go to plan, so they look for potential problems upfront and come up with a contingency plan.

The contractor that reassures you that “nothing can go wrong” is the one to stay away from. Get someone who is more realistic and who tells you how they will deal with things that go wrong. Things like budget over-runs, missing deadlines, etc.

A contractor is someone that you will be putting a lot of trust in. It makes sense to make sure that they are trustworthy before you hire them. Doing some research upfront will make choosing the right contractor easier for you.

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