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Home Modification for Senior-Friendly Living

Home modification can provide a friendlier senior living environment, so older occupants may continue living in their own homes. According to one study, at least 90% of individuals aged 65 years and older prefer to stay in their residence as long as possible.

People who stay in their own homes have higher self-esteem. They are generally happier and see family and friends more often. Here are some modifications you can do to make a home more senior-friendly.

Widen Doorways

For seniors who rely on mobility aids like a wheelchair or walker to navigate through their home, widening the doorways is a vital home modification. The cost of this modification may vary depending on installations like electrical switches, power outlets, and insulation.

Add Outdoor Ramps

Ramps are not only beneficial to seniors who use mobility aids, but they also eliminate the need to navigate steps. Steps usually make it difficult for the elderly to maintain balance, even with a handrail.

Make the Bathroom Safer

Most accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. Hence, it’s essential to make the bathroom safe and accessible. Install grab bars inside the shower as well as directly outside the shower entrance. 

You can also install them next to the toilet. Add non-slip shower strips to the shower or bathtub floor. These are affordable and easy to install. They prevent slipping while showering. 

Install Senior-friendly Flooring

Invest in floors that prevent slips, trips, and falls. The ideal flooring material for the elderly should be soft to ensure bones don’t bruise and break easily.

Flooring should also be easy to clean and maintain. You can try rubber floors. They are exceptionally soft and slip-resistant. If you treat them with water-soluble wax, the rubber flooring becomes stain and water-resistant and easy to maintain. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

Improving the lighting in a senior citizen’s home can mean installing bright nightlights in bathrooms and hallways. It may also include using floor or table lamps in sitting areas for reading. You may also install adhesive tap lights under cabinets for improved lighting on countertops.

These modifications can take you a long way into creating a friendly and comfortable living environment for senior citizens.

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