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AC Development Group

New Construction vs. Remodel – Which Is Right for Your Business?

Change is inevitable in everything, including the use of your commercial building. Time has a way of working on structures. Business growth may prompt the need for more space.

So it comes down to one question: What does my business need?

  • A new facility?
  • Expand the current building?

To help answer these questions, let’s consider the pros and cons of each, in two areas, to get a better feel for how it could apply to your business.


New construction, on the surface, can seem more expensive. You have free reign to choose materials, size, floor plan, etc. New construction means new in every category, and that can add up quickly beyond your imagined budget.

A remodel, on the flip side, can seem less expensive. They tend to be completed quicker, and can allow your business to continue functioning during the remodel.

However, demolition costs are often overlooked, which take time. And there’s always the possibility that defective or outdated wiring could be found inside a wall, or hidden water damage. It will take time – and money – to correct those things.


In a new construction, you have a chance to work with a clean slate. But working out every single detail for this new building can be just about as time-consuming as the actual physical project, possibly more so.

Generally speaking, a remodel is more efficient. The project can get done quicker and your company can remain where it is, while your existing space is maximized. Still, a remodel is not perfect. Unexpected problems, such as the discovery of a non-compliant code issue, can set a project back several weeks.

While this is a partial list, you get the idea that there is a whole lot to consider in a building project. If you want to arrange for a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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