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Top 3 Trends in New Home Construction

Your house is the place where you’ll raise your children and grow old with the one you love. Whether you’re building the house of your dreams from the ground up or you’re totally remodeling, you want to make sure your house is a place you can call your home. Not sure where to even begin? Here are this year’s top home construction and design trends to spark your imagination.

New Home Construction Trends:

  1. Open Floor Plan- This concept was popular in the middle of the last century, but it has recently made a comeback. People and conversations flow easily from one area to another, and natural light floods the entire space. Aesthetically, open floor plans also look larger and generally sell at higher rates as a result.
  2. Sunken Living Room- Add more room to your living space by embedding your den into the floor. A cozy, little nook with an open concept, the sunken living room is the perfect spot for holding social gatherings. This design may have originated in 60’s nightclubs, but you can add an elegant coffee table and make it look really sharp.
  3. Outdoor Bars- If you love to entertain, then consider adding an island on your patio so you can enjoy the nice weather and take your party outside. Flip burgers right from the grill onto waiting plates or sip lemonade as you watch the stars come out overhead. If you invite a lot of friends and relatives over, you might even like to add an outdoor kitchen so that you don’t have to constantly traipse through the house.

These new home construction trends are fashionable yet flexible enough to allow you to customize the look to suit your own personal style. So whether you want your new house to look modern and chic or rustic and homey, these popular designs are the perfect place to start.



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